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Dr. Smith had full consultants' training through fellows with National Training Laboratories (NTL).  She is a Professional Associate of the Grubb Institute, an applied systems think tank out of England, Australia, and the United States.  She has been an Associate Professor of Princeton University, Doctor of Ministry Program, through the Grubb Institute. She provides consulting and training to small and large organizations.

Executive Coaching


Being a CEO, owner, or Director creates a uniquely solitary position.  Having someone to talk to about ideas can be a life saver, both for the individual as well as the company.  Dr. Smith uses her systems theory and experience, as well as transformation coaching practices, to develop a relationship that helps people with decision-making.  This relationship includes both professional and personal issues, as we play multiple roles and must exercise judgment within a complete context.  Coaching contracts may be ongoing and as-neeed, for a month or many months; or may be individual sessions weekly or as needed.

Company and Culture



  • Needs Assessment/Strategic Planning: Dr. Smith has designed a comprehensive and effective approach to internal diagnostics and strategic planning.  Plans can range from fairly basic needs assessments and goal setting, to comprehensive Strategic Plans for large departments and companies.

  • Policies and Procedure/Handbooks: When companies do not have their own HR departments, Dr. Smith can provide basic structure for development of one's own procedures and handbooks, with access to current state and federal laws and guidelines, as well as best practices.

Workshops and Training:


  • Communication Skills Training

  • Leadership Styles and Effectiveness Workshops

  • Teambuilding Workshops

  • Role and Group Interaction

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